Beyond Texts? Towards a Material Turn in the Theory and History of International Law

Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarín from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies will highlight the entanglement between the materiality of global governance and international law. Dr Daniel Joyce, senior lecturer at UNSW Law, will provide the response.

Epistemic communities in Exile: Coining ‘Crimes against Humanity’ at London, 1940-45

Kerstin von Lingen, professor at the University of Vienna, will present her new book on the origins of the crimes against humanity. Barak Kushner, professor at Cambridge, and Dr Sabina Ferhadbegovic from Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena will highlight the prolongation of these debates on Cold War battlefields, in the former ruins of the Japanese empire and in Socialist Yugoslavia

Genocide in Historical Perspective. The Language of Trangression

Dirk Moses, professor at Sydney University, will present his new work forthcoming at CUP, ‘The Problems of Genocide. Permanent Security and the Language of Transgression.’ Charles Maier, professor emeritus at Harvard, and author of ‘The Unmasterable Past – History, Holocaust & German National Identity,’ will provide the commentary.

The Nuremberg Moment. International Trial, American Lawyers and the Racial Question

Guillaume Mouralis, French historian and sociologist at Marc Bloch Center for Social Sciences Research (Berlin) will present his book on the Nuremberg Trial published in 2019 by Sciences Po University Press. Elizabeth Borgwardt, Associate Professor of History and of Law (by courtesy) from Washington University in St Louis who has written widely on the history of international law and human rights, will provide the response.